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People with urinary incontinence or nocturia may benefit from practicing yoga, it has been claimed.

Urinary incontinence occurs when a person unintentionally passes urine and affects more than 50 million people in the developed world, while nocturia is the frequent need to urinate during the night.

According to Dahn Yoga & Health Centres in the US, people with these conditions may benefit from doing yoga exercises, which can help to address loss of bladder control.

Its experts believe that yoga can help to work the bladder ‘meridian’ – which starts at the corner of the eyes and extends throughout the body, right down to the toes.

The company says: “There are a number of Dahn yoga exercises that work this meridian channel and inevitably allow the bladder to function at its highest capacity.

“Stretching the legs forward and alternately shaking each limb is one such example. Additionally, the cobra pose, which involves lying on the stomach and lifting the upper body with one’s arms remaining on the floor, works to stimulate water energy circulation along this important pathway.”

Source: allanda