Patient Testimonials


"I was referred to my consultant, Mr Matharu, through my GP. I was extremely happy with my consultant's recommendations and treatment. I had previously been to Spire Parkway for another operation and I was happy for my GP to refer me there as I knew I would receive the best possible care. The recovery was fast and with very little pain or discomfort. The surgery has made me feel a lot more positive and more self-confident. I am very pleased that I was able to have the procedure done and I am extremely pleased with the results. Mr Matharu and the staff at Parkway were very kind and caring, they made me feel relaxed and at ease and were happy to answer any questions or worries I had. Thank you Spire Parkway!"

Mrs F

"I have suffered from stress incontinence since I was a teenager and double childbirth exacerbated the problem, but for me it was something I suffered with in silence. Then a close friend had a TVT procedure and recommended Mr Matharu to me. I had just hit my 40s and I decided to do something positive to make a change.  I saw Mr Matharu  and after a few consultations and tests I had the operation. Six weeks on I am pleased to say the TVT procedure has worked and I am so glad I did it, I can cough or sneeze to my heart’s content now! "

Suzanne Murphy

"Mr Matharu put me at ease, made me feel comfortable and he was very understanding. I was home the same day and feel so much better after the procedure. My stress incontinence has completely gone, previously I struggled to do daily tasks and I missed doing my gardening. After my procedure I can now enjoy things again. I was happy with the whole experience at Parkway Hospital."

Mrs JB underwent a TVT procedure.

"I am a 38 year old woman with 3 wonderful children.  I wouldn’t change that for the world!  What I did want to change is the stress incontinence I suffered afterwards!

 After having my children and getting my own body back, I was keen to get it into some kind of shape again.  So with a couple of other girl friends I started running and got hooked!  However, that was when the incontinence was at its worst.  I was mortified, and so embarrassed.  I had to start wearing huge great thick towels if I was going any distance, and I would be so self-conscious that they would show through my clothes.  In the end I plucked up the courage to go to my GP.  This was a big step, but I’m so glad I did!  I tried physio for my pelvic floor, which helped slightly, but the leaking still kept happening.  My GP was so helpful, and told me all about this TVT operation.  I was at the point where I would try anything.  My confidence was starting to suffer, and I was starting to feel out of control of my own body!  So I went for it!  In and out in a day, nice and simple.  The recovery was hard in that I couldn’t run for 6 weeks, which seemed like forever!  I was so nervous the first time I did, I was convinced it  couldn’t stop the leak completely, the amount that was coming out!....But it did!  It has truly transformed my life!  My running has come on in leaps and bounds as I can now concentrate solely on it, rather than if the pad will hold it all, and if anyone can see if through my trousers!  I have my confidence back and I can now join in with the kids on the trampoline!  This is a simple operation I would recommend to anyone suffering like I did.  It really has transformed my life!"




"I recently underwent surgery for stress incontinence after suffering for many years with all the problems associated with this condition. The procedure recommended for me was the insertion of the tape. 
I was admitted for day surgery which I was extremely nervous about and also sceptical as to the outcome of such surgery. I am pleased to say my operation went without complications and I was back on the ward within an hour. 

Although I was in a small amount of pain and discomfort it was nothing compared to what I imagined, and was controllable with every day painkillers. 

To my delight I was discharged about 6 hours after my operation and was up and about the next day. My recovery was fairly swift and with no stitched etc there was no need for any further medical intervention and life got back to normal very quickly. It was necessary for me to be off work for 6 weeks, and apart from avoiding heavy lifting there was no other limitations. 
I very quickly realised the benefits of the operation which has proved to be 100% successful. I can now go about my daily tasks, sneeze, cough, run, jump and even exercise without pads or fear of 'accidents'. 
It has transformed my life and I now realise the problem was far worse than I was ever willing to admit. The confidence the operation has given me is fantastic and I would highly recommend this procedure to other women."

D Christopher
Mrs Christopher underwent the TVT procedure.

"Mr Matharu,

I really feel I had to write and let you know how grateful I am that you did this wonderful operation for me. It really has made my life so much more pleasurable, bearable, normal, if you have ever been in the situation where you were worried about everything you did work, play, live everyday life, you will know why I am so please to have had the TVT operation. It really has freed me from permanently worrying about where the nearest toilet is. I can now walk the dog and not worry that if she pulls me too hard or I have to run after her I will wet myself. I can now do a car journey and not have to keep stopping for the loo. 
It did get me down even some days depressed and unfortunately it was not going to get any better especially with going through the menopause which helped to make it worse I am sure. 
The operation was done under local anesthetic so I was completely under control and I recovered within minutes. The staff and yourself were very kind and let me know exactly what was going on. The after effects were minor and I just felt as if I was due for a period - a little heavy in the groin region. 
If you thinking or worried about having this operation I can only advise you to go for it. You will get your life back. 
Thank you so much Mr. Matharu for giving my life back. Please thank all your staff for their kind care and attention.”

Jacqui Cordwell
Mrs Cordwell underwent the TVT SECUR operation.


"I am now a totally normally functioning, fully continent woman again and it is only at this point that I truly realise the debilitating impact of the incontinence that I had become accustomed to for more years than I care to remember.

It all started after childbirth more than 20 years ago with leakages and accidents all laughed off and dismissed as a minor nuisance but which over months and years had gradually crept up on me and at times had became almost unbearable.

Over time my life had become shaped by a number of things which included:
- No star jumps for me at the gym, no trampolines, no coughing please or sneezing, no sudden starts, laughter, jolts, in fact any physical movement that was a normal part of life that would precipitate the loss of control of my bladder. On occasion this even included simply walking.
- Frequent toilet stops were essential and then there was always the risk of getting there and ‘performing’ in time before yet another accident.
- Adapting to the use of bulky pads, try fitting an incontinence pad into a thong! The two don’t go together easily. Oh and how do you wear an incontinence pad in a bikini?
- Constant washing of clothes and then personal hygiene!! The changing of clothes and additional laundry, fear of spoiling the furniture and of course the bed through accidents in the night.

In all, these things dragged me down and were a thundering nuisance and a totally unnecessary imposition on an otherwise busy life.

I had prevaricated for a good while and had put the choice of surgery off. I relied on pelvic exercises, reduction of bladder irritants like coffee etc but despite these things I was still in the same boat so eventually, I bit the bullet and decided to opt for the TVT procedure as had been recommended to me. Even at last minute I wavered having made the mistake of reading some gory blog information about the potential risks however, I had been so reassured by Mr Matharu about the procedure I went ahead. My sole regret now is that I didn’t have the operation years before. Everything he had told me was totally accurate both about the operation itself and post operatively.

It is a quick and easy process for the patient, a minor anaesthetic, a few hours in hospital then back home. Yes there was a little tenderness in the groin area immediately afterwards but generally it almost painless, just akin to heavy period pain. Post operatively for the first week or two there was some low level aching but nothing much to report. It was just important to follow advice about not lifting and taking some good rest and some time to recuperate a little.

Most importantly, the support after care and from Mr Matharu and his colleagues have been exemplary right through from the initial consultation through to post op enquiries being responded to and followed up without delay which is hugely reassuring. Best of all, I am enjoying a complete and total cure for the wretched incontinence right from the very day of the surgery and my self-esteem has returned. Hurrah! The joys of being totally continent again, you just don’t realise what you have put up and what you have become accustomed to for Hurrah! The joys of being totally continent again, you just don’t realise what you have put up and what you have become accustomed to for so long, until you are rid of it again. It was just so unnecessary to cope with it for such a long time. What a blessing and a relief it is, the quality of my life has been improved immeasurably. I just wish I’d had the confidence to act on the problem, take the advice I had been given and have had the TVT done years ago. Now, all there is left to do is to re-learn not to cross my legs every time I laugh or sneeze or cough! I don't need to anymore!

Huge thanks go to all concerned."

Mrs W J Hutchinson
Mrs Hutchinson underwent the TVT operation.

“I had actually forgotten that it is not normal to have to put pads on everyday, to cross your legs and standstill when you coughed, not to run or do sudden movements, not to join in with the football game on the lawn. Life was restricted, but I was just putting up with a gradually deteriorating situation following the births of my children. Then the menopause started and it got worse and worse and started really to ruin my life. I tried physio, loosing weight, (it must be my fault!), going to the gym but nothing was working. My GP is wonderful and I finally confided in her. She referred me to Mr Matharu who tested me and considered that a TVT procedure should help. I was not keen on surgery and did find the tests and examination embarrassing but I did decide to have the operation as, when and if, I ever get grandchildren I want to be able to run with them.

The operation was quick and really no issue. My worse problem was leg muscle aches where the needle goes through but nothing that was not easily coped with and in two weeks everything was normal. Rather as normal as things should be, not as they had been previously. The absolute joy of not having to worry about leaking is still with me now some five months later. To run, cough, be spontaneous, to even jump on a trampoline is fantastic.
My only regret, is that I did not have the operation earlier. It has really made a difference to my life."

Mrs MH had a TVT.

"After several years of living with stress incontinence and aged 76 I thought that I really should get some help. I was referred to Mr Matharu and after reassurance that the problem could be cured, and some tests which seemed rather daunting on paper, but were not, I decided to go ahead. At all times I was treated with consideration and kindness.

I was in hospital for one day but unusually, and unfortunately,I had to go home with a catheter. It was not difficult to manage but having a sense of humour helped. It was removed after a week.

Now the problem is solved the relief is enormous, no more worries about coughing and sneezing and no more pads. I am most grateful for the care I received. Why did I leave it so long, embarrassment I suppose, how could I be so foolish?"

Ms A